"i just need to get my shit together"

— me in 2009/2012/this time last year/a minute ago/next year probably (via guy)

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look both ways before you cross the street


look both ways before you cross the street

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Hello, I’m quite stunned
but my friend’s call me Stephanie.
I’m really tripping on my own words and it’s not reflecting the best of me.
You say the room is pretty crowded 
and it’s not really your scene
I can tell by way you can’t settle in that steel plated seat.

Your voice is like the feeling of holding hands for the first time, and for a moment, everything’s right. 
Like that.
The way it melts into my ears is like the way I feel when I’m enveloped in strong arms or a warm fleece blanket. 
Like that. 
Could you sing me to sleep?

It’s never been hard to feign confidence 
until you stood right in front of me
And like being at the top of a roller coaster, I’ll never feel ready
to talk to you.
When I mustered up the courage, 
I took a deep breathe in
and as I exhaled, I completely forgot that I existed. 
I stood there for a moment, all red in the face
my heart almost ceased to beat 
when you said my name

You make me wanna write 10 albums 
all about the way you make me feel like I’m the only one in the room 
When all eyes are on you.

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looking at your ass after watching the anaconda music video

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Exploring along the River// Smoky Mountain National Park

By: Jonah Reenders

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Other sister.


Other sister.

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Desert Roadtrip for Vans by Olivia Bee

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